How long will the exam and x-rays take?

Exams typically take about 1 hour to complete.

How soon will I learn how much the Grant will be?

The exact amount of your Grant will be calculated for you once you have completed your exam and the dentist has provided you with your treatment plan.

For an estimate of your Grant amount, please refer to the Grant Payment Guide.

What if the grant doesn’t cover enough to make it affordable for me?

If the Dental Grant is not sufficient enough to make your procedure affordable, you can inquire about long term payments. (6 months to 5 years)

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Conversely, it's possible that you may need to defer treatment until a time when your financial circumstances improve, or until you are able to prioritize personal resources toward the portion of the dental work you will be responsible for.

How soon until I can begin treatment?

Once you are satisfied with the cost of the treatment plan and the amount of your Grant, you can accept treatment and begin right away.

Can I get Competing Quotes from other Dentists?

Yes, of course.

Even though most dentists charge similar rates for the same kind of dental work, your best interests come first so we will do our best to make sure your Grant gets applied toward a treatment plan from a participating dentist that is the same cost or lower than any other quote you receive, provided the quote is based on the same kind of dental work being performed.

How can I pay the dentist for the part of the treatment not covered by the grant?

You may pay the dentist for your portion of the treatment using any usual method of payment such as credit card, debit card, private insurance or cash.

You may also qualify for a dental loan. Click Here to learn more.

You may NOT be able to use government sponsored forms of payment such as OHIP, ODSP MediCare or Medicaid.